Air VS Spring Pocket bike: What is the main difference

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Air and spring suspension in a pocket bike are two options for shock absorption. But Air suspension is a high-end component usually seen to be used in a high-tech motorcycle. Air suspension isn’t complete itself. It requires an electronic air pumping device. The cost of a pocket bike highly increases if you find one with an air suspension.

A spring suspension is often seen in a pocket bike. The spring method for suspension is the traditional way of how it should work. It’s more reliable and never fails. A pocket bike with a spring suspension comes at an increased price. Because most of the pocket bike comes with no spring form and this is how their cost is lower.

Air VS Spring Pocket bike

How does an air suspension work in a pocket bike?

An air suspension works both in a motorcycle and car in the same method. It’s a bit complicated in comparison with the spring suspension. An air suspension has a variable air chamber between the upper and lower fork. An air pump comes with an air suspension kit that inflates the air chamber to make the necessary air force. The air pump works on electricity from the battery. So rider has electrical control on the air pump and so on the air suspension system. He can lead the suspension to work according to the severity of shock he finds to face.

An air suspension system is less likely to be used in a pocket bike. A pocket bike is a budget-friendly motorcycle and the reason behind its being cost-efficient is the removal of many features from it. The pocket bike from the very beginning doesn’t include legal features to be on road.

How reliable is spring suspension as a pocket bike?

Spring suspension is also a rare component on the fork of a pocket bike. Pocket bikes often come trimming out these machines. But a spring suspension is sometimes used under the steel frame in front of the engine. High pressure against the gravitational force helps the spring to work. The spring jumps up and down on getting force either from gravity or against gravity. The body weight of a pocket bike is very light so the spring suspension doesn’t work well unless the rider’s weight is moderate. Since a pocket bike is rated for 13+ young kids, the spring suspension isn’t supposed to work that well.

However, many pocket bikes are operated by an adult rider out of fun, and that is when a suspension system is effectively required.

Let’s focus on how the pocket bike changes on a spring suspension.

  • It moves out of its cost-efficiency.
  • The bike grow up above its 13+ rating
  • The motorcycle requires to be more organized.
  • The suspension makes the pocket bike jump up that may not be suitable for minor-age kids.
  • The bike need for space to allocate the system.
  • The pocket bike with a suspension might be a little higher in length.

Air suspension attention

An air suspension is rare in a pocket bike yet discussed. It is a high-end kit with a few instruments included. Air suspension requires more space in the chassis of the pocket bike because it consists of several things together. It needs space to allocate the air pump and organized the connection wire. The other things that make changes to the pocket bike are

  • An air suspension makes the pocket bike too costly to bear for most of the riders who intend to buy a pocket bike.
  • To control and monitor the system, there needs some electrical device on the steering.
  • A pocket bike that comes with air suspension requires a more current-rated battery.
  • The chassis of the pocket bike that is designed for air suspension has a higher weight for letting the air suspension work fine.
  • The price of a pocket bike can be as much as a real long journey motorcycle.
  • A pocket bike that has an air suspension often has legal features like the headlight, rearview mirror, and speedometer.

Which is better between Air and spring pocket bike?

A pocket bike with an air suspension system loses its purpose being a pocket bike. This bike is designed for minor-aged riders rated 13+ and doesn’t have permission to ride on the road. At the same time, this is not an off-road motorcycle that faces heavy field shock. So the pocket bike by its targeted rider and nature of its use doesn’t require a strong suspension system like an air one. An air suspension is to smooth to absorb shock and in addition makes a good feeling to the rider by making an air jump up. Air suspension being high end still has the vulnerability of deflating without notice of the rider. This is how it’s not as reliable as the spring coil.

Spring coil for suspension is highly reliable but doesn’t work in all shocks. Spring coil works on heavy shock and it’s very fast to go up and down. Some light shock is ignored by the spring coil. Many of those are absorbed by wheel tires and air tubes if they are of high quality.

What is the bottom line?

Air suspension is really a device to choose with no doubt. Its building design and infrastructure is fine enough to be chosen by any rider. And one who uses this must have a good experience of smooth plain road journey even on a partially rugged passage. But as of my opinion, you should not buy a bike with air suspension that doesn’t deserve a road permit or a license. It can’t be imagined that after spending huge money, you can’t ride this high-end bike on the road. Even you won’t get the convenient of air suspension unless you go a long ride.

You can rather choose to have a spring pocket bike. Alternatively, you can customize your pocket bike and add a coil suspension. However, for best performance you should select the right spring coil according to the weight of your motorcycle.

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