Best pocket bike engine experts review in 2022

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The popularity of pocket bikes is rising at a fast rate. Not only kids but also many adults are hovering over pocket bikes to have fun and excitement. Besides, many pocket bike racing tournaments are happening out there, aiding in to rise the popularity of this genre.

In any way, if you have a pocket bike and are thinking about upgrading the engine of the pocket bike to get better aptitude and performance, we are back here with the top five pocket-bike engines you can think about installing onto your bike.

If you have a plan to swap the engine of your pocket bike, following this article until the last should make you more comfortable with your decision. Without any further I say, let’s get started into the actual presentation-

Best pocket bike engine

Does swapping the engine of a pocket bike make it faster?

One of the better ways to make a pocket bike faster and more versatile is by swapping the engine with a better edition.

The efficiency of a motorbike engine relies on its performance and functional properties. If you are not content with the speed of your pocket bike, the only thing you can think about upgrading is the engine of the bike.

The increase of horsepower may deliver some additional boost to gain more speed and power.

A motorbike engine tends to lose its power and efficiency day by day. Even if you take good care and maintain the motorbike properly, you cannot expect to use the bike for eternity. Therefore, upgrading the engine should bring more sophisticated results to get a premium experience.

Best pocket bike engine

If you are reading this article, it is quite probable that you are thinking about upgrading your bike’s engine or are already determined to do so.

Whatever the case, these five-pocket bike engines are always worth being consideration list. These engines are compatible with a large number of pocket bike brands. 

To check out whether these engines are a good choice for you or not, let’s start the brief discussion section-

1. Sange 49cc 2 Stroke Pull Start pocket bike engine

Sange 49cc 2 Stroke engine


Engine displacement49cc.
Gear systemCentrifugal clutch.
Engine dimension250x220mm.
CompatibilityPocket bikes, mini bikes, scooters,
StarterHand pull start.
Cylinder typeSingle cylinder.
Engine typeTwo-stroke
Top speed35mph.
ClutchWet multi-clutch.

No matter whether you are thinking about upgrading the engine of your mini pocket dirt bike or pocket bike, this 49cc engine from Sange is here to make a great impression.

User experience

So far so good. Most of the consumers who are using this engine for their bikes have shown great satisfaction with the performance of this engine.

We will give it a complete ten out of ten in terms of performance.

Features worth discussing

The reason we have kept this one on top of the recommendation list is that almost 90% of the user using this engine showed great satisfaction after the installation. With a 49cc of engine displacement ratio, this engine from Sange will always make an excellent impression in most situations.

The first reason to go with this motorbike engine is that this completes its transmission in two strokes. Therefore, you can always expect to get faster transmission compared to a four-stroke engine. The single-cylinder engine with a CDI ignition system will always please you with the starting system.

Second of all, the essential dimension of the engine with exact size and measurement will always come in handy when you will go for the installation.

Besides, the functional properties of this engine are enough balanced to ensure better speed and versatility in most situations.

One of the most important aspects of any engine is surely the transmission speed. When one is talking about this engine, the fastest transmission rate will never let you feel backdated.

Again, the engine has enough potency to deliver better speed to make your ride more exciting and powerful. At max, it is possible to get around 35mph of top speed from this excellent pocket bike engine.

Finally, it is always a good product for the budget. We know that pocket bikes are cheap, but this bike engine from Sange is even cheaper.


  • This is a powerful engine for a pocket bike with up to 35mph of top speed.
  • The fastest power transmission mechanism will come in handy to deliver better comfort in most situations.
  • Most importantly, this pocket bike is a good choice for the money.


Although we have found this engine quite powerful and authentic in terms of performance, some of the consumers do say that the performance could be a little better. We can assure you that if you are choosing this for a pocket bike, you will have a great experience with it.

2. Wingsmoto Motor 49cc 52cc 2-stroke Mini Dirt Bike engine

Wingsmoto Motor 49cc 52cc 2-stroke engine


Cylinder arrangementSingle cylinder.
Engine displacement49cc.
StrokeTwo strokes.
StarterPull start.
Recoil starterAluminum.
Max rpm11000

When you want more power and strength from your mini pocket bike or dirt bike, this 52cc engine from Wingsmoto can turn out to be an excellent companion.

User experience

All of the products we have gathered here are user-friendly and got some positive reviews. Therefore, it should also be a good replacement for your pocket or mini dirt bike in terms of user experience.

We will give this engine an eight out of ten in terms of performance.

Features worth discussing

This is a larger engine with more power and efficiency. This is a 52cc engine that provides an engine displacement rate of around 49cc. Therefore, you can expect to get more than 35mph of top speed from this engine as well.

Like the previous one, this mini bike engine also offers a pull start mechanism. As a result, shifting the power from the engine to the wheel of your pocket bike will be faster than ever before. That means you will always have the potency to get moderate power and efficiency from the engine.

Another plus point of installing this engine to your mini bike is its aluminum-made starter recoil construction. This will help the engine to deliver better power to get the maximum performance in most situations.

You can also expect to get the fastest transmission as this one is a two-stroke engine. This engine completes one exhaustion cycle with two strokes only. Therefore, the rpm rate of the engine is much higher to deliver better power. This one will surely deliver better performance than a four-stroke engine.

With 1.55 kW of horsepower capacity, this large and powerful engine is here to make every user content to a better degree.

Moreover, you will get three additional gears to get more versatility and benefits from the engine. The package also includes a throttle, grips, and an air filter to keep the engine functional for a long time.

Finally, with proper instructions and guidelines, swapping the engine will not be a hard job at all.


  • This is a powerful engine with enough power and efficiency.
  • Swapping the engine is easier than ever before with proper instructions and guidelines.
  • This engine is worth being a perfect replacement for any engine with a displacement rate of up to 49cc.


This engine indeed is enough powerful with a better rpm and transmission rate. But abusing the bike to a great degree without maintaining the balance can always deteriorate the condition.

3. Scooter Parts Unlimited Mini Pocket Bike Big Bored Engine Fits 47cc 49cc

Scooter Parts Mini Pocket Bike engine


BrandScooter Parts Unlimited
Engine displacement49cc.
Gear systemCentrifugal clutch.
CompatibilityPocket bikes, mini bikes, scooters,
StarterHand pull start.
Cylinder typeSingle cylinder.
Engine typeTwo-stroke
Top speed35mph.

The next recommendation on this list comes from Scooter Parts Unlimited. This one is here to open unbound resources to make your mini pocket bike even better than the stock item.

User experience

This engine is not compatible only with your pocket bike. You will have the opportunity to install it on your mini dirt bike as a replacement for the stock one. The multiple compatibilities of the engine allow the customer to grab it with ease.

When it comes to rank it according to its performance, this one will get an eight out of ten.

Features worth discussing

First of all, this one is an engine with 49cc of engine displacement. Therefore, you can think about grabbing this item when you require an engine of anything less than 50cc.

Like most other engines on this recommendation list, this one is also a two-stroke single-cylinder engine. Therefore, there is no doubt about the potential power capacity of the engine.

The inclusion of the bigger bore to the engine will come in handy to deliver more power and energy whenever needed. Moreover, we can assure you that you will be able to use the engine for a long time. the aluminum-made pull starter with the perfect aluminum clog will work together to give you the satisfaction of using the engine for a long time.

Another ideal reason to grab this engine is its better rpm delivering capacity. As a result, you can always expect better speed from the motor. Again, the optimized horsepower that one would get from the bike will make the bike better than the stock item.

The attachment of the high-performing air filter to the engine will also work together to enhance the efficiency of the motor to a great degree.

We know getting the perfect motor for replacing the stock engine is not the easiest job all the time. But once you will install this decent motor to your pocket or mini dirt bike, you will be able to feel the difference within one week.


  • This is a budget-friendly motor, allowing one to grab it with ease.
  • The durable construction will ensure longevity.
  • This engine is enough efficient to make any mini dirt bike and pocket bike faster than the stock item.


If you fail to maintain the engine or take proper care, it may lose its functionality within a very short time. Check the air filter and other properties of the engine regularly to get the optimum performance in any situation.

4. TBVECHI Engine Motor Pocket Bike Engine Racing Motor 49cc

TBVECHI Engine Motor Pocket Bike Engine


Engine displacement49cc
Cylinder arrangementSingle cylinder
Engine typeTwo-stroke
Max speed11000 rpm.
Power1.8 kW
Max speedUp to 40mph.

Do you know why most pocket bikes tend to deliver a ferocious speed on most occasions? It happens because of the combined work of a smaller body and a very powerful engine. If you want your pocket bike to deliver better speed and efficiency, this 49cc engine from TBVECHI can always turn out to be an ideal replacement for the stock engine.

User experience

All the engines we have brought here have good features to satisfy the users. We will give it an eight also as per the customers’ satisfaction level.

Features worth discussing

First of all, this pocket bike engine comes for those who are passionate about pocket bike racing.  Swapping the stock engine with this one will make your smaller pocket bike perform really fast. Besides, your chance of winning the title will enhance to a great degree.

The motorbike can deliver up to 11000 rpm at max. As a result, you can expect to get up to 40mph of top speed when the condition will remain favorable. When you will ride the bike in the competitive world, you can expect to get around 35mph of top speed. Besides, 1.8 kw of power delivery makes this engine efficient more than anything.

Another reason one should grab this engine for his pocket bike is its larger compression head. As a result, the transmission speed of this motor will be much faster than any other typical equivalent engine.

The combined work of a flat slide carburetor with an alloyed starter system will ensure authentic performance in most conditions.

Whatever you may be your requirement of yours, this one has got everything to please its user to a great degree.


  • This one is a powerful engine with up to 1100rpm speed, delivering the fastest speed in this genre.
  • This motor will be a perfect companion for pocket bike racers.
  • The optimum functionality of this motor will ensure long-term service to make you comfortable with your decision.


Always pay a good concentration on the maintenance of this engine. Otherwise, a powerful engine like this one can also go astray within a short time.

5. CNCEST 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Engine Motor 49CC

CNCEST 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Engine Motor 49CC


Cylinder arrangementSingle cylinder.
Engine typeTwo-stroke.
Engine displacement49cc.
Max engine speed1300
Horsepower1.3 horsepower.
StarterPull start
Max speedUp to 30mph.

Our final product recommendation is as important as our first product recommendation. It is because we do not want you to make disappointed. This CNCEST engine is thus our last recommendation for swapping the engine of your pocket bike.

User experience

When longevity and performance are your primary concern, this authentic mini bike engine should bring the most prosperous support.

According to user experience, we will give this pocket bike engine a nine out of ten.

Features worth discussing

All the engines we have mentioned here come with a size of 50cc. This one from CNCEST is not also different. This motor will deliver an engine displacement rate of up to 49cc.

It is indeed true that this engine is a little slower compared to other motors on this list.  But that surely does not demean its quality even a little. With up to 1300 rpm of speed rate, this motor can easily reach the speed limit of 30mph. When the condition of the road is suitable, it would not be a problem to get around 35mph of top speed.

The motor offers a simple swapping mechanism. Therefore, replacing the stock engine with this one will never be a task that requires deep consideration.

Anyway, this powerful engine is compatible with a large number of motorbikes, including dirt bikes, mini bikes, scooters, and so on. We recommend you check the displacement ratio and engine compatibility before confirming the purchase. 

Another thing that makes this engine a good choice for your pocket bike is that this one offers a good transmission rate. As a result, you will always get smoothness while riding your pocket bike. Even if you install this engine on your mini dirt bike, you will not have to sacrifice your off-roading capacity.

Finally, a reasonable price range will always remain on top of the consideration list to make you agree to go with this essential pocket bike engine.


  • This is a perfect engine for getting longevity.
  • The optimum functionality of the motor will ensure smoothness even in racing conditions.
  • With up to 35mph of top speed, this motor also possesses the capacity to satisfy a speed lover.


We could not find any issues with this motorbike engine. But it is also true that imposing too much pressure on the motor can deteriorate the condition within a short time.

How to choose a perfect pocket bike engine?

Grabbing the best pocket bike engine is not as easy as it seems. The engine’s performance capacity depends on various factors. Therefore, it is always ideal to check some of the most important factors to have the best experience from a pocket bike engine. Here are the top five factors that would help you to grab the best pocket bike engine from the market-

  • Engine displacement
  • Engine compatibility
  • Rpm rate/speed
  • Transmission system
  • Functional properties
  • Engine displacement

The first and most essential thing that apparently comes is the engine displacement rate of the engine. When it comes to picking up an engine for a pocket bike, it is the 50cc engine that turns out to be the ideal option. Most of the time, a pocket bike will have a two-stroke engine. That is why these bikes tend to deliver a better speed on most occasions. Whether you check the displacement rate or not, the first thing that will be visible to your eye is always the engine. But don’t live in the fallacy that a better engine displacement rate is going to enhance the speed of the bike. It is a complete misconception. Rather the speed depends much on the capacity of rpm or power output.

Engine compatibility

The next factor that everyone should take very seriously is the compatibility of the engine. You simply just cannot install a dirt bike engine to your pocket bike. They do not match the purpose. Therefore, checking the compatibility of the engine is another greatest factor that you should never ignore.

Most of the time, a pocket bike engine will have two-stroke functionality. They tend to be a little smaller compared to an adult’s dirt bike engine. Therefore, ensuring the compatibility of the engine is always a must.

Otherwise, you will have to face great suffering while doing the installation. 

Rpm rate/speed

A pocket bike has two main purposes. At one point, you may want to have one pocket bike to have fun or for a casual ride during your free time. On the other hand, you may also want to grab a pocket bike to take part in pocket bike racing. Whatever may be the reason, checking the rpm rate or speed is important on both occasions.

When your preference is fun or casual riding, a pocket bike engine that can deliver up to 30 mph of top speed should be ideal. On the other hand, anything that can deliver up to 40mph of top speed should be ideal for the Racing pocket bike’s engine.

Another ideal feature that is worth considering is the rpm rate of the engine. We believe an engine with 1100 rpm to 1300 rpm should be ideal for fun. On the other hand, anything more than 1300 rpm should serve the purpose of a racing pocket bike.

Transmission system

A smooth transmission system is what everyone expects from a better engine. If the engine takes a lot of time to transfer the power of the engine to the wheel, the bike fails to deliver speed and efficiency. Therefore, it becomes almost necessary for all engines to have a better transmission system to enjoy better efficiency. But how do you ensure that your expected engine has a better transmission system? One of the ideal things you can do to get a solid transmission system from the engine is by checking the reviews of the users who already are using the engine you are thinking about purchasing. If the reviews are positive, the chance of getting a better engine is always high.

Functional properties

The final aspect that is worth considering is the functional properties of the engine. When the motor is balanced from all angles, getting the best service from the engine becomes easier. Therefore, checking the functional properties of any engine is always a must to be more comfortable in the longer run. If you want to use the engine for a long time, never or ever miss checking the functional properties of the motor. This will make you comfortable with your decision.

Should you swap your pocket bike engine?

A reasonable question that always appears regarding the matter of whether one should swap his pocket bike or mini bike’s engine or not.

The answer remains on the person’s preference. When you are using a malfunctioned motor, you left no way out without swapping the motor of the minibike. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the bike again.

On the other hand, upgrading the motorbike into a better edition may also demand you to swap the motor of the bike with a better one.

Swapping the engine of a minibike does not make it vulnerable rather one can easily get to achieve greater speed and performance after swapping the engine.


What kind of engines does a pocket bike have?

Almost ninety percent of occasions, a pocket bike will have a two-stroke engine with a single-cylinder arrangement.

Pocket bike engines are not as powerful as dirt bike engines. while a dirt bike engine can easily reach the top speed level of up to 60mph, a pocket bike engine can hardly deliver around 40mph. That surely does not demean the purpose of a pocket bike. These bikes are for fun and racing. Even many adults ride on them to get the real fun and excitement.

How much speed does a 50cc pocket bike engine deliver?

At max, a 50cc pocket bike engine can deliver up to 40mph of top speed.

When it is for racing purposes, around 40mph of top speed is the most typical. On the other hand, a casual 50cc pocket bike engine can deliver anywhere between 30mph to 35mph of top speed at max.

When should you swap your pocket bike engine?

There are two different situations when one should think about swapping the engine of a pocket bike.

The first situation appears when the stock motor of the bike does not perform as your expectation. An engine cannot retain its efficiency for a long time. Day by day it loses its potency, forcing the owner for an upgrade or replacement.

People also think about swapping the motor of a pocket bike when they want better speed from the bike. It happens when someone thinks about taking part in a racing event. One can not think about winning a championship with a sluggish bike speed.

How much does it cost to swap a pocket bike engine?

Unlike a dirt bike engine, swapping a pocket bike engine does not cost you a lot of amounts. At max, you will have to spend around 100$ dollars to complete the whole process, including the price of the engine.

What are the engine sizes of a pocket bike?

  • This bike can come with an engine of 40cc to up to 110cc.
  • Anything more than this range should make it quite illogical for a pocket bike.
  • This bike comes with a very smaller frame. As a result, it becomes hard for the motorbike to handle the power of a bigger and more powerful engine.
  • In most cases, a typical pocket bike will come with a 50cc engine. On the other hand, a racing pocket bike may come with up to 110cc of engine size.

Are pocket bikes street legal?

No, pocket bikes are not street legal. A pocket bike does not have the features to run on the street.

Some of the states of the USA may not put any restrictions while riding a bike on the street, but most of the states do not allow riding on the street.

One should never intentionally ride a pocket bike on the street. Facing any accidents while riding a minibike on the street can always lead to serious injuries.

When you really love fun and excitement, go to the exact place to ride the motorbike.

Are pocket bikes safe?

Yes, Pocket bikes are safe when you use them by maintaining all the safety precautionary.

Sometimes an adult may not fit on a pocket bike with ease. Such cases may also cause accidents. But they are not that severe to make you injured to a great degree.

Final summary

  • A typical pocket bike engine will come with an engine size of 40 to 50cc.
  • A racing pocket bike motor can come with an engine size of 110cc as well.
  • This bike is usually a recreational type of motorcycle that can be an excellent companion both for kids and adults.
  • Swapping the motor of a can help to make the bike faster and more efficient.
  • Swapping the engine of a  pocket bike can cost around 100$ dollars at max.

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