How fast do pocket bikes go? Average pocket bike speed

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Pocket bikes have a moderate speed of 16 to 25 Miles per hour. But the speed differs in terms of size, brand, engine, and type of fuel used. Some manufacturers also claim their products having an average speed capacity of up to 30 miles per hour.

Even some manufacturers use a bigger engine that makes it capable of a speed capacity of 40 to 50-mile power which is a bit uncommon because those bikes come with more than 100 cc engine while the average engine rating for a pocket bike is 40 to 50 cc. Conventionally pocket bikes are built with two-stroke engines, but with the rise of the pocket bike in terms of popularity its developers are giving more attention to it.

An electric pocket bike has less speed capacity in comparison to an engine-powered bike. Electric bike consumes more current in case you put heavier weight load on to it. An electric has no transmission system to deliver the power of the motor to the wheel. So a chain is between the wheel gear and motor for power transmission.

Pocket bikes don’t seem to be manufactured by well-known automobiles or motorbike manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha, KTM. The reason behind this is the legality of the pocket bike on public roads and highways. In all of the states and provinces of the US and UK, a pocket bike is illegal to ride on the road. This bike is rather considered a fun vehicle than a serious motorcycle. So famous automobile brand doesn’t tend to go for a pocket bike production.

How fast do pocket bikes go

Speed by brand and manufacturers

So, the pocket bike is produced by some anonymous manufacturers and their temporary names. Most of them come to the market flowing from Chinese manufacturers. Mototech, Razor, Fit Right, Printasaurus, Xtremepower, Motocicleta, Go-Bowen, Segway, SYX MOTO Apex, TOXOZERS are some randomly named brand of pocket bike that is sold online. Online is the main sailing hub of the pocket bike because their manufacturers are not statically fixed throughout the market.

Those manufacturers claim some different speeds for their pocket bikes.

pocket bike speed


Mototech pocket bikes come with a 49cc engine that claims 35 Mph speed of their bike in Amazon global but to send to US location. They provide poor information in the online marketplace. However, they provide a 4-stroke engine to their pocket bike. Mototech pocket bikes always offer a sports body fashion so they are very famous to those who like sports bikes.

Fit Right

Fit Right named pocket bike offers a 4-stroke 40cc engine which offers an average speed of 18 Mph that is a mile per hour. It also seems to ask for a lower price on Amazon. It has a weight load limit of 165 lb. The body design indicates an action notion to the riders. The brand labeled up their bike as EPA Approved which indicates that the pocket bike is not harmful to the rider’s health in any aspect. This is very important for a motorbike because a high current load caused by a starter motor might cause high electromagnetic radiation that might harm the human cell.


Razor is commonly a well-known brand in the pocket bike. But most of their pocket bikes are electric. The electric pocket bike has fewer mechanical components for the bike to operate. Razor rated their bike speed from 14 to 17 Kph. They have a motor variation on their different model. The smallest motor that they provide is 250W on a single speed. They also provide two variable speed motors of 500W and 600W. Those motorbikes are controlled by changing motor speed. A potentiometer is used to change the voltage up and down to change the speed high and low. These electric pocket bikes are run by two voltage-rated lead-acid batteries. One is 24 Volt and another is 36. On a single charge, A razor electric bike can run for 50 minutes and go up to 22.5 Kilometer. The weight lifting capacity of a razor bike is up to 100 KG for RSF650.


Xtremepower pocket bike also comes with gas as fuel like the other pocket bikes. Gas run pocket bikes are more efficient than that of oil. They use both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines on their bike. In their pocket bike, they offer two size engines i.e. 40cc and 49cc.XtremepowerUS offer a speed rate of up to 20 Mph as per the kind of terrain. There is a specialty in XtremepowerUS that they produced some of their pocket bikes in the design of pit bikes that have a good suspension system. Since pocket bikes hardly have any suspension system to absorb shock, this manufacturer really made a difference.


SYX MOTO offers both pull start and electric starter at their two different variants of pocket bikes. The electric starter is very convenient for those who don’t feel easy to pull the starter each time it stops.

The manufacturers provide 40cc and 49 cc engines in their pocket bikes that have 27 mph capacity at most. They also provide a conventional 2-stroke engine along with their 4-stroke variant.

The speed of a pocket bike depends on the types of rotation device, fuel, body weight, and transmission system. So, if your focus is on high speed you should look for the engine rating and its mileage. You can also look for a model that provides a good transmission system. You can also choose an electric starter pocket bike since the pocket bike usually gets stopped each time you pull the brake.

Some discussions are found online that marked up some branded mini bikes as pocket bikes. But they are not. They should not be treated as pocket bikes just because their size is smaller than the conventional ones. They can be mini bikes and they are manufactured for the younger group of riders. Pocket bikes have been a categorical name that has no reason to be messed up to any other minibike or kid bike. A kid bike is not a pocket bike.

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