How to add an electric starter to a pocket bike?

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Adding a starter motor to your pocket bike is really a matter of convenience because most of the pocket bike comes with a pull start and its laborious to pull the start rope every time you need to. Moreover, since most of the pocket bike also comes with no clutch, you need to stop the engine every time you pause your ride may be because you will talk to your co-rider.

So adding a starter motor to your pocket bike is worth it. An electric starter does the same job as the pul starter does inside the engine. It makes a strong rotation of the crankshaft inside the engine that starts the fuel combustion and as result begins the engine working cycle. The starter motor works on electricity from the battery.

How to choose a motor?

To add a motor to your pocket bike, you need to take several things into your account. You need to check if the engine of your pocket bike has to scope to add an electric starter along with the starter already have. Sometimes, the pull starter can be modified to an electric starter. But you need to think and design how you will modify the starter to an electric starter.

You should also check what kind of starter motor is available at your local motorbike market. You should also consider the electricity part of your pocket bike to choose a starter motor to make sure things are compatible with one another.

electric starter pocket bike

What electrical specifications should I look for?

A pocket bike usually comes with a 12V lead-acid battery. It has its power control unit to the same voltage rating. So you should have a 12V-rated electric starter motor. The current rating is very important at this point. A starter motor has high torque requiring much current to move. So you should check the current rating of the battery to find a suitable motor.

The current rating of a PD (Powered Device) or PSE (Power sourcing equipment) is defined by Ampere. Commonly a lead-acid battery used in a motorbike is 12V 7A rated. The ampere rating can be higher or lower than this. So if your pocket bike’s battery is 7A rated, you must go for a starter motor less than 7A. A device with a higher current rating is called a power-hungry device. This requires a deep cycle battery or a battery that can allow deep current usages.

What do I need more?

A self-push switch is needed to install on the bike handle to turn on the electric starter motor. The switch has to be according to the current rating of the motor. It’s good to choose one more than 12A because sometimes the startup current is higher.

How to install an electric starter in pocket bike?

pocket bike motor

An electric starter is to be installed on the outer surface of the pocket bike engine.

  1. The electrical wiring has to be properly insulated with a shrink tap.
  2. Pass the positive phase wire from the motor to the self-starter switch safely.
  3. Connect the positive wire to the load connector of the switch.
  4. Use another spare wire of different colors (purple or blue) to connect the Line connector of the switch to the power unit point that comes from the bike’s key-lock so that power can’t be supplied during the time the bike is locked with the key.
  5. The negative wire can be directly connected to the neutral terminal of the battery or the same to the power unit.
  6. The negative line of a battery is often connected to the pocket bike’s body so you can try touching the conductive part of the body with the negative wire of the motor while the positive wire is connected to positive power. You can try this before you install any wire permanently.
  7. However, it’s not recommended to connect the wire to the bike’s body because it can cause spark, heat, and fire.
  8. Insulate the self-start switch connection panel. Also, insulate the same connectors in the power unit and battery with the shrink tap if available.
  9. Make sure there is no loose connection at all the points you set up for the electric starter motor. A loose connection can cause fire and damage to the battery.
  10. Enjoy

How good is it to modify a starter to an electric starter?

An electric starter is a hundred percent fine for your pocket bike when there is a provision in the engine to install this in addition. As a pocket bike’s engine stops more frequently, an electric starter is a magic here to run the bike with a thumb press only.

Moreover, the pocket bike is usually operated by younger and kids. So they often don’t have the energy to pull the starter every time they need it to. So an electric starter is more suitable in this situation.

Is there any issue with doing this?

The problem after adding an electric starter is very minor to the need it’s meeting up. Still, you should know everything before you go for this.

  • Due to the high current drawn by the motor, radiation may create around affecting riders cells.
  • A big startup current can cause a fire if any loose end is left throughout the wiring.
  • Electric starter motor requires high Ampere of current at startup. This might shorten the lifespan of your battery.
  • The starter motor may over-rotate the crankshaft which can cause malfunction of the piston movement cycle.

An electric starter as of my opinion is the best thing you can add to your pocket bike to increase its capabilities and help it come out of the lacking people think it has. If you have this you can stop your electric bike more often as you need because you won’t have the apathy of investing your energy again and again. So find one considering the compatibility and set it up.

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