How to clean pocket bike Carburetor

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A pocket bike Carburetor is the one that makes the mixture of air with fuel and then supplies the application to the engine. The engine utilizes that in its combustion cycle. A dirty blocked carburetor will cause poor combustion and bad exhaust smoke. It can also cause engine startup failure.

Before you can clean the carburetor, you need to understand how the carburetor contributes in combination with the other components of the motorbike. When you know how it works you will easily understand what to do if it doesn’t work.

If you find any issue that is related to the carburetor you should manage to fix it. Problems that are related to the carburetor are as follows.

  • The engine doesn’t start.
  • Combustion is poor
  • Engine cause severe sound
  • Bad odor from the exhaust smoke
  • Air doesn’t pass though the carburetor
clean pocket bike Carburetor

How does carburetor causes problems?

The carburetor is connected to the engine at one end which is discharge. It has two suction poles at the other end which are fuel tank and air passage. The carburetor sucks oil and air from its suction gate then it filters the fuel and air in two different filters. After filtration, it mixes the fuel and air and passes the mixed components to the engine.

This is also important to know carburetor itself doesn’t do these things. The process begins when the engine starts. When the engine runs it always keeps sucking fuel from its intake valve.

What causes troubles in the carburetor?

The carburetor has several poles to suction and discharge. If any pole is blocked, the others don’t work. The air filter blockage is the reason air suction valve doesn’t work. You can easily find a foam spiral filter at the air passage of the carburetor.

Air passage

It’s often enough to clean air filter without replacing this. The air filter can be cleaned with water. You can use a synthetic cleaning agent to clean the filter. If the dust and dirt are gustily attached to the cavity of the filter, you can use a brush to break down the blockage.

If the air filter is broken or the paper foam on it looks torn, you should consider replacing this with a new one. Because a torn air filter will take much dust in it and then push into the engine. This is how the engine becomes dirty. The cylinder inside the engine needs to be clean to make effective combustion. If the place isn’t clean enough, it might backfire and stop all of a sudden.

Oil passage

The oil passage valve can be blocked by the sediment that is lying at the bottom of the fuel tank. This is the right time you should focus on your fuel tank. But before you does that make sure how the oil filter is blocked. Detach the oil line between the engine and the fuel tank.

You will see the filter in the carburetor. Check if you see any sticky dirt on the filter. If you find the same, you can clean this with some filter cleaning spirit. Don’t use water or soap to clean this. Remember, moisture can be harmful both for the carburetor and the engine. Oil engine can be replaced by a new one. If your oil filter is continuously being dirty, it’s important to check the oil you are using. Low-quality oil carries contamination that later lies at the bottom of a container.

The metallic carburetor can be cleaned physically by octane or dry nitrogen. For your personal satisfaction, you can clean this if it is too dirty to be looked old.

Do I need to remove the carburetor to clean it?

In a pocket bike, a carburetor is closely attached to the engine and chassis. So it’s hard to handle the carburetor keeping it in there. It’s good for both you and for your pocket bike to open the carburetor and do the cleaning out of the bike.

Some pocket bikes have space around the carburetor that allows you to clean it right in there. You don’t need to remove that. Still you often find darkness in the carburetor and you can’t identify the problem. So it’s up to the situation if you need to open the carburetor to clean it or you can do it by keeping it attached in there.

But if you need to clean the outer surface wall of the carburetor, you don’t need to open it in any situation.

Is carburetor cleaning necessary in pocket bike?

Carburetor cleaning is very important for efficient energy production. For the smooth operation of your pocket bike, you need to clean the carburetor at a regular interval. If you regularly clean the carburetor, it will not be damaged. Otherwise, it will be completely blocked and maybe torn. You will easily understand the effect of a dirty carburetor.

Remember, regular cleaning will always keep it light and so it won’t ever be so dirty that you have to open it. You only have to remove the carburetor if the blockage is inside or if the outer sticky substance is attached to inside.

Do I need to clean the fuel tank along with the carburetor?

These questions come when people face carburetor issue again and again. Sometimes carburetor needs frequent servicing and doesn’t last long. It happens often because the oil inside has some sticky sediment which stores at the bottom of the tank and passes to the carburetor. The sticky substance travel through the carburetor and this is how carburetor keeps being dirty or blocked every now and then. In such situation you need to first clean the fuel tank. To clean the fuel tank you need to detach the tank liner at the bottom. If you have oil in the tank, take that in a container. You can again use octane to clean the inner wall of the tank, especially at the bottom.

Can I clean the carburetor myself?

If you have an interest and effort to do clean your own machine, you can certainly do. You need some prior knowledge and tool to handle that machinery. The machinery includes a wrench, screwdriver, some octane, some cotton fabric, eye-protective glass. You should always wear a face shield to keep your eyes safe from any drop spills.

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