How to drive a pocket bike? (A to Z guides)

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Drive a pocket bike, it’s important to know how the pocket bike works. The main of what you should know about a pocket bike is its difference from other ordinary bikes. You should also know the legal fact of the pocket bike because it’s not permitted to drive on the roads and highways of most of the cities in the US and the UK.

Before you drive a pocket bike, you should know the mechanism in it. A pocket bike’s transmission system is much simpler than an ordinary motorcycle. Most pocket bikes use a chain drive engine meaning that the bike engine offers a single-speed chain to transfer power from engine to wheel.

So, the pocket bike often doesn’t have a clutch to pull every time you shift gear. In a sense, it makes things easier. But on a different point, it seems to be a sign of slow engine torque or an unsmooth control over the bike.

Drive pocket bike

Pocket bike drive

Let’s focus on the different mechanics it has.

Chain Drive

Pocket bike often comes with a chain drive engine. These engines don’t have multiple gears to shift from. So, a clutch is often not provided to a pocket bike. It seems to be a matter of craziness in the pocket bike. As soon as it’s started it keeps moving. The reason behind this is the clutch. Because pulling clutch is the process that detaches the engine from the wheel gear and so the bike doesn’t move until the clutch is unleashed.

So, if you have the one that also doesn’t have a clutch, you should be strong enough to hold the bike after it’s started. The best practice in this situation is to soon begin to ride after you start it. Unlike the ordinary bike, you can’t pause it and talk to someone keeping its engine running.

So, when you want to brake, your engine is going to get off and you yourself have to do it. Then you have to start the bike engine by pulling the starter rope.

Poor suspension

Yes, these are the reasons the price of a pocket bike is lower. A suspension system is very important in a motor vehicle either it’s a motorbike or a car. A suspension system helps get rid of the friction of the vehicle with the rugged unparalleled path.

The friction of a vehicle with the road makes an unpleasing feeling to the rider. A suspension system on the wheels absorbs the shock the vehicle encounters from roads. In a motorcar, it’s called a shock absorber. So, a pocket bike is not suitable for rugged and trail passage. It’s not also made for that purpose. The dirt bike is maybe the one that is made for fighting with a bad passage.

Thus, a pocket bike rider is less likely to feel comfortable in a road that is not well constructed or damaged. The heavy shock on the road can cause loss of control and fall.

Engine Start and stop

Since most of the pocket bike comes with no clutch, you should be careful on startup and end your ride. You should have your sit on a pocket bike and then pull the starter so that you can start running as soon as the engine starts. Because there is no chance of keeping your bike on standby after the engine has started already.

While you need to brake may be due to a road blockage or to wait, you can’t keep your pocket bike’s engine running. You have to turn off the engine by key.

Types of roads to ride a pocket bike

pocket bike ride

By now, you must have known you can’t operate a pocket bike on a public road in most of the cities in the USA. In this situation, it’s your turn to find roads to ride your pocket bike. Now what kind of orad should you look for? That’s important. You should always find a plain road with no other traffic. Because pocket bike really doesn’t have the fitness to ride on the busy road side by side with another vehicle. Because it has huge things missing to bypass road permit.

The absence of a headlight, horn, rearview mirror, and brake light will cause you unaware of other vehicles passing by you. So don’t mess up fun with serious action. Vehicles are there on the roads are doing the necessary job of the citizen while you are doing fun.

So, keep away from the serious vehicle. You can find roads in a residential area to ride your pocket bike. You should also be careful about the timing. A proper time has to be picked up when dwellers of the area are indoors. Also, make sure you have permission from the local authority.

Speed control

Since there is no clutch to detach your bike from the engine’s power, it’s much important for you to observe how fast or slow the pocket bike is going up. An accelerator is a thing that you can use to supply less fuel to your engine. Less supply of fuel will let the engine to occur less combustion and finally less power generation. The pocket bike has fewer facilities of braking so suddenly, so you should increase the accelerator very slowly depending on the road and how far you will go.

Be careful about the sudden pull of the brake. Otherwise, the bike will shake you off because you can’t pull the clutch here. So gradually decrease the supply of fuel.

At the end of the day, you have to hear again that the pocket bike is made for the younger kid as a fun machine. It’s not for you if you are an adult. So, it’s never recommended to manage to place yourself on the bike squeezing your legs.

However, you can make your experience better by attaching a starter motor to your engine if it allows you to. Since a clutch-less pocket bike stops at every full brake an electric starter would help you start the bike with no physical force. Also, keep in mind the electric starter will require more current capacity of the battery to run the starter motor. Because the starter motor needs to produce high torque to run the start. A high torque needs a high current to work properly. So, you need to replace the battery with a newer one with a higher current rating.

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