How to make a homemade pocket bike? (A – Z guides)

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A homemade pocket bike is a tech lover teenager’s passion. It’s a self-satisfaction to make your pocket bike by yourself. It requires you to collect all the spare parts from an aftermarket. Although aftermarket spare parts are not that reliable, it’s not an issue for a DIY kit. A DIY kit is a package of all spare parts necessary for a single machine.

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What to consider before collecting the DIY kit?

Before you go to a shop, you should measure your plan and need for pocket bikes. Size is a matter for your pocket bikes because pocket bikes usually come in a small size. The body height of a pocket bike in the local market is from 18 inches to 23 inches. So, you should choose the size for your capacity. Some teenagers like larger sizes than their riding height. They can’t touch the ground from the bike and this is what they like. Some others like the seat height similar to their sitting height and they like to be able to touch the ground from the bike.

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Engine: Stroke

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The heart of a pocket bike is its engine. So choosing the right engine might give you the best experience you desired. The stroke of an engine is the primary concern that comes when you choose an engine. A 2 stroke engine is more common in a ready-made pocket bike. Only a few manufacturers provide a 4-stroke engine. In a DIY pocket bike kit, you have the option to choose between 2-stroke and 4-stroke.

A 4-stroke engine is more energy efficient while a 2-stroke engine is more powerful. Because in a 4-stroke engine, there is a power stroke at every four strokes whereas, in a 2-stroke engine, there is one power stroke every 2 strokes. So the frequency of a power stroke is more in a 2-stroke engine in comparison to a 4-stroke.

Engine: Fuel

The fuel is what triggers the engine to keep running. If you choose to make a pocket bike with an engine and not with an electric motor, you should consider the best types of fuel. Most pocket bikes in Amazon offer gas engines. It’s good for efficiency as younger riders will operate the bike more frequently. But you won’t find gas anywhere or you can’t store it at your home. In this concern, you can choose to buy a pocket bike engine that runs with octane.

Engine: Transmission

An engine suitable for a pocket bike is often a small one. These types of engines offer a chain drive transmission system meaning that the engine has no multiple-speed gear and a clutch. So having no clutch makes your bike unsmooth. When you pull start your engine, the bike will attempt to run and you have to immediately start riding. You have no chance to pause like other motorcycles. So if you can find an engine with a clutch.

Engine: Ignition system

An ignition system in an engine vehicle makes a spark fire and burns the fuel that comes for combustion. An ignition coil is there to step up an alternating current to high voltage. A high voltage is necessary for a spark fire which should be more than 10KV. A motor vehicle engine requires from 20KV to 60KV AC for a good spark fire.

When you are gonna choose the ignition system it should be compatible with the voltage recommendation of the engine. Recently most of motorbike comes with a CDI ignition system that doesn’t depend on the current produced by the current generator magnetic coil in the engine. CDI system has a capacitor that is charged at the beginning then it powers the ignition coil. Voltage compatibility of the CDI unit and battery should be taken under consideration.


The carburetor plays the role to supply oil and air to the engine. It takes air from nature, filters it, and then mixes it with the oil it receives from the fuel tank. A good compatible carburetor makes sure the air is properly being filtered and makes a good ratio with the fuel and transfer to the engine.

Electric unit

An electric unit with a battery is necessary when you have an electric starter or a speedometer or any light on your pocket bike. The branded pocket bike doesn’t come with these features. These are add-on features for your pocket bike. The more you add features the more you are gonna increase your budget. So keep your eyes on how costs are getting upward.

However, if you take an electric starter, you must need a lead-acid battery with power management and a charging unit. Consider taking a 12V to 24V 15A lead-acid battery. A deep cycle battery is more suitable but that won’t physically fit your pocket bike.


The outlook of a bike mostly depends on the style and pattern of its handle and how the brakes and other things are associated with this. So choose the handle that goes best to your choice with Chassis. During choosing, consider whether you will keep the self-push switch on your right handle. The handle should have the provision to install a self-switch.


The suspension system is not normally offered with a pocket bike. It increases the size and cost. A good suspension system may cost too much increasing your budget to a larger amount.


The Chassis of a pocket bike plays the main role in the outer design. It keeps options in its metal body for adding various features. Graphics plastic kit also varies according to the chassis model and number. Chile choosing the Chassis, you should evaluate the width of the body after the plastic is attached to it. Some like wider width while some like narrow.

Also, check the metal of the Chassis and how strong it is.

Exhaust and wheel

You will need an exhaust pipe. But you won’t need a silencer because the sound is very common in a pocket bike. Finding the right wheel is very important for a pocket bike because a suspension system isn’t used in a pocket bike. So, the wheel should be good enough to absorb the shock on the road.

Plastic graphics

Plastic graphics kits are the rider’s choice. So I hope you must find one as per your choice. I won’t bother you with that. But make sure from the seller if it will be suitable for your Chassis.

Choosing components doesn’t mean that you will buy different parts from different packages or shops. In this case, they won’t fit one another. You must have to select to buy the DIY kit package that contains parts of your choice.

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