How to tune up a pocket bike Is it really difficult?

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A pocket bike needs to be tuned up every time you consume a long ride with this. The parts and fittings of a pocket bike often get loose and sometimes jammed by dust and road friction. So if you take care of that, you will get a good feel next time you come out with this. It also helps you get rid of any unexpected accident. For this reason, you also need to check a few things in your best pocket bike each time you go on a ride.

tune up a pocket bike
tune up a pocket bike

Things to know to tune up your pocket bike.

To be able to smartly tune up your pocket bike with your own hand you should get to know some parts and their name. Let’s see what are there on a pocket bike:

  1. Handle
  2. Hand clutch
  3. Hand brake
  4. Accelerator
  5. Brake cable
  6. Suspension system
  7. Rubber Fork
  8. Spring Fork
  9. Telescopic fork
  10. Fender
  11. Brake
  12. Balloon Tire
  13. Gas tank
  14. Engine
  15. Footgear shift
  16. Pull starter rope
  17. Footrest
  18. Spark Plug clean
  19. Carburetor clean
  20. Exhaust Pipe clean
  21. Rear-wheel shock absorber

These are the open parts that you should be acquainted with to be able to tune up your bike when necessary. Most of the things are already kept attached to the bike’s chassis before it is shipped to you. But they are not assembled nicely. Most of the screws and bolts are kept loose to be tuned up by the user at his own choice. Most of the pocket bike doesn’t come with a clutch. So if yours is like that, it will likely get crazy once you pull start it.

Tuning up your pocket bike regularly will make sure you are going to enjoy your next journey. But you don’t need to dismantle all the parts of your pocket bike. So what to do?

Tighten Hand clutch and brake

Check if the hand clutch and brake lever are firmly attached to the handle. If not, tighten them with a compatible screwdriver. Turn the screwdriver clockwise to tighten the screws. Don’t over tight. If you sense a cracky rubbing sound, unscrew the bolt rotating the screw anti-clockwise, and then clean the screw and screw hub. If the screw hub is metal you can use some dips of machine oil in it. It will save the screw from decay.

Check if the brake cable has been longer than it should be. If it has, replace the cable with a new one. The case is rare, still you should keep this in your mind. Also, check if the brake can properly throttle the wheel disk.

Check the engine starter.

A pocket bike often comes with a pull-start engine. It becomes the only option to start your pocket bike. So before you go to a ride, check if the pull starter is working properly. Sometimes after a long ride, the pull starter gear got jammed by dust and burnt lubricant. So you calm the starter gear by adding some lube. Keep the pull handle cozy to hold and pull.

If the starter needs multiple pull trials, it would feel disgusting to the rider. So you need to always keep it fully functional.

Engine Oil change

After a certain length of ride, you need to change your engine oil with a new one. The lifespan of engine oil is prewritten on the oil can and according to that direction you should change it accordingly. An outdated burn engine oil will cause damage to the gear and excessive heat of the engine due to friction.

Tires and Wheels

If you want to tune up your pocket bike tire and wheel you should need some equipment. If you do not ride or service your bike for a long time, you can contact with a bike service center near your home. The Chinese pocket bike maximum times comes with low-quality components, so it gets rust when you put a bike in the backyard. So you can buy a cover for a long time use your bike.

Spark plug

A spark plug is a vital part of the running of the engine. Spark plug supply fire inside the engine to burn the fuel that comes to the engine during the intake stroke. Open the spark plug. Pul the engine starter and observe if there is enough spark at the top of the spark plug. Tips for spark plug: If your bike does not start, you must first check the battery then the spark plug. Long time not use or heavy use your bike spark plug get dusty and oiled. So you should clean your spark plug.


If you have an electric starter in your pocket bike, it needs a battery to run the motor. So you must make sure the battery is in good health with enough charge. The battery is automatically charged while your pocket bike runs. Still, you can check it’s ok for extra safety if you are going somewhere for a longer time. You can test the battery by attaching a voltmeter and test if the rated volt is showing the same on the meter. If you find the voltage 1 volt less than the battery rating, you should consider manually charging it with a battery charger.

Tuning up your pocket bike might save you from an unexpected incident in the mid of your journey. Moreover, it will help you from wasting your time to get it done from some motor garage. Moreover, the cost of tunning up a motorbike in some places can be high enough to buy a new pocket bike. So, for the best experience of your ride, regularly tune up your pocket bike with your own.

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