Pocket bike History: innovation of pocket bike

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A pocket bike is a small motorcycle originally made for young kids of 12+ or 13+. Though the bike is like a mini bike its history has given it a unique identity. The pocket bike has been more famous in the US after the Asian manufacturers launched their pocket bike in the USA. Despite the concept of getting it new, a pocket bike has been on the field since the 50’s.

 The pocket bike was conservatively used in the locality of the USA and many rich States of Europe. There was no regulation during the beginning. Because only a rich group of people were in contact with it. The price of the pocket bike was kind of sky-high and so it was less likely to be used by adult people. But the conservative notion of the USA broke through the introduction of Asian pocket bikes in the US market.

Pocket bike racing began to be a serious sport in Japan in the ’70s. But they didn’t deploy high-tech mechanisms in their sports. So there was some lacking in the bike they used in the race.

Pocket bike History

Pocket bike’s growing up in Italy

In the 80’s, the Italians took the pocket bike as a new sport to their field. They did better racing with more performance of the bike they used. They relatively used high-tech bikes but with poor performance. They went though the production of it and did very well as the production house too. But they couldn’t sell their bike that mush out of sports purpose. They even got no scope to export their pocket bike overseas. The reason was the high price. People had money but didn’t want to invest this big sum of their money in small mini bikes.

The pocket bike’s spread out in Europe.

In the 90’s, the pocket bike was popular throughout the whole of Europe. A sport was created as the Swiss Pocket Bike Championship in 1996. The sports under its banner began to include other sports clubs in its coverage. The championship began the world’s biggest sports of pocket bike racing. A number of 120 racers played about dozens of racing every year regardless of the presence of the viewers or bad weather. Italy became the highest producer in pocket bike sports and made the racing larger and wider than it was.

Racing as a sport began to be popular around Europe and outside.

China’s entrance to this sector

The racing as sport became popular in Asian countries and this is how many motor vehicle manufacturers turned their focus on it. China is probably the last one to put their hand on it and made this bike typically unique. With the mass production of the bike, it has reached to the peak of popularity that happened never before in history.

During the time those Chinese bikes were gaining popularity to the US citizen, its pocket bike cost was as low as $200. The price being low, more people began to have their dream bike at least for a free trial. The price was as low as considered free to them. The minor-aged young kids were fonder of those bikes. Pocket bikes were kind of poor in number in the USA and the states of Europe before China took their part in it. So regulation of pocket bikes was not that intense and there was poor attention to it. But still regulation existed in us since they were dealing with this since the late ’80s. But there was no incident that would make the authority harder and regulate.

Legal order enforcement

As soon as it became popular at a lower price, it became an object of playing by the adult people too. More and more adult riders began to have their pocket bike as a part of the fun. The number of pocket bike began to grow and the number of incidents was also growing up. This is how they drew the attention of local authorities. The pocket bike became illegal to operate on public roads and highways. The authority soon becomes strict at enforcing the legal orders.

They cited the pocket bike as an entertainment machine, not as a serious vehicle. So something other than the vehicle was not supposed to be on the public roads where serious vehicles were running for serious reasons.

How does authority treat pocket bikes?

  • They termed the pocket bike as a kid’s animating toy
  • It’s not worthy of being in a serious place.
  • It’s a vehicle-like tiny machine but not a vehicle
  • The pocket bike doesn’t have vehicle fitness
  • A pocket bike is run by those who have no driving privileges.
  • Similarly those who have driving privileges have no permission to drive a bike that has no license.
  • The pocket bike doesn’t deserve a vehicle license.
  • The pocket bike is riskier to keep pace with the other vehicle on public roads.

Why is the pocket bike considered unfit on the public road?

The pocket bike is treated not compatible on public roads because,

  • A Pocket bike has no license features like Speedometer, horn, indicator light, and rearview mirror.
  • It’s small and so can’t be seen from large vehicles on road.
  • It’s low speed and so it can be knocked by other vehicles.
  • It’s lightweight and its weight and speed ratio doesn’t fit with a vehicle standard.
  • The rider of a pocket bike doesn’t see the vehicle at his back side.
  • The pocket bike can’t give a signal to other vehicles during a turn it would take.

Pocket bike prohibition in public in the UK

The UK had laws to regulate law from early ’90 but they were they brought changes to their law after an accident and death in 2006. The law orders to seize the pocket bike seen in public and confiscate them. After that several thousand bikes were caught by police and then smashed.

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