Pocket bike size: all about the pocket bike size

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A pocket bike is a small size bike and initially that’s why it was called a pocket bike. The size of a pocket bike is one-quarter of an ordinary motorcycle. The size of a pocket bike might vary depending on the brand and manufacturers that the bike is coming from.

The pocket bikes are designed for a few age groups of people. But the variation is not much wide because many brands are seen to mark their pocket bike as 13+. At the same time, the bike is not for adult people. So an 18+ rider should not try this. At this point, the age range is very little to differentiate the pocket bike category in terms of size.

Although many manufacturers mark their pocket bike as 13+, a twelve years old boy can easily ride this. It all depends on the capacity of balancing of the riders.

The average size of the pocket bike is L 39 x w 22 x h 14 inches.

Pocket Bike size

Pocket bike chassis size

The chassis size of the pocket bikes is much similar to all the variants. But it differs a little depending on the engine that is going to be installed in it. A pocket bike usually comes with a 40 to 50 cc engine. So a 50cc engine requires more space in comparison to a 40cc engine.

A fit right pocket bike comes with a 49cc engine. The size of the pocket bike is L =40in, W = 18.5in, H = 22.8in. The engine used in this bike is a pull-start 4-stroke engine.

On the other hand, a 40 cc Fit right pocket bike’s size is L = 40in, W = 18.5 in, and H = 22.8 in. In this case, the body size is the same although the engine rating is different.

Now let’s focus on the other brand of the best pocket bike about their size variation on configuration.

A SYX MOTO that comes with a 40cc engine has a body size of 39 x 22 x 14 inches. It looks smaller than the bikes of Fit right.

An Xtreampower pocket bike is smaller than the others discussed above. But the bike’s width is more than a Fit right pocket bike.

How much is the weight of the pocket bike?

The weight of the pocket bike is from 45 to 50 pounds. The weight largely depends on the engine and chassis size. A 49cc engine has often more weight than a 39 cc engine. Because the engine weight is so much that it varies a lot. Since pocket bike comes at sports fashion it often has plastic graphics kit one it that should add more weight to it. But a fit-right bike is much lighter than the Mototec and others. SYX Moto has also same plastic graphics kit as Mototec. Fit right looks like a naked bike without a plastic covering. Fit right’s design is like an electric bike.

Pocket bike vs. Minibike weight

The variation category of minibike is much wider than a pocket bike. So the weight also differs. The weight of many mini bikes is from 10 to 40 pounds. Mini bike often offers lightweight components to save cost of production. A pocket bike is also a kind of mini bike. But due to its history and fame it gained over the time, it has achieved a unique identity.

The weight of an electric pocket bike

The weight of an electric pocket bike should be much different from the engine-run pocket bike. An electric bike has fewer components than an ordinary motorcycle. The electric motorcycle has only a motor and an electric unit to control the motor. The motor consists of a stator and a rotor. There is no transmission part in the motor. It deploys just a chain drive method. In an electric pocket bike there is no mechanism to charge the battery by the bike itself like an alternator does in engine run bike.

The electric bike doesn’t need to carry oil and so there is no fuel tank in it. The weight of the fuel tank is also in minus unit in electric pocket bike. The charger of the battery of the bike is also at the owner’s garage. So he /she doesn’t need to carry the charger.

What about weight lift capacity in variation of size?

The rider’s weight lifting capacity of a pocket bike is about 150 pounds. It seems 3 times more than the bike’s weight. But most of the time this rated capacity is not usable. The more you give pressure the more the speed will decrease. Moreover, pocket bike is not designed to carry multiple riders at the same time. So a rated weight of 165 pounds is not often usable unless a very healthy young kid rides one it.

Can I increase its speed by reducing its size?

It doesn’t work like this. A pocket bike is made maintaining all possible facilities conveniences. So modifying the pocket bike to cut size is not a good idea. You can at most remove the plastic kit. But that will not make much difference.  The bike will also look ugly without the plastic kit.

Also, remember there is no connection between the bike’s size and the weight lifting capacity of it. So you have no reason to lose weight in the hope of getting more lifting capacity.

What size is good for the female rider?

A girl is often shorter in size than a boy. (It’s a biological practice of God or nature. We have no hand on it. So, don’t take it otherwise). So everything she uses is supposed to be smaller for her own comfort.  So you should check out the smaller pocket bikes for female riders.

Should I focus on size during choosing pocket bikes?

The size of a pocket bikes matters because not everyone can handle a big size bike. Although a pocket bike can’t be that big, you can still justify the size as of your capacity to handle. If you are the rider, you have to check if you can walk on that size of bike. If you can walk smoothly side to side with a bike, you can ride on it and drive it.

These are just an open discussion on reference purposes only. You can have an idea. But keep your judgment upright. And remember – size often doesn’t matter.

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