Pocket bike vs. Super pocket bike

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A super pocket bike is a larger version of a pocket bike both in size and power. The bike has more features than an ordinary pocket bike. It being larger has some legal features i.e headlight, and speedometer. Some superbike is similar to the smallest adult bike. 

The super pocket bike has a bigger wheel, and bigger fuel tank with bigger chassis. A higher-rated engine is used in a super pocket bike. A pocket bike comes with at most a 49cc engine while a super pocket bike comes with a 110cc engine. The torque and rpm of a super pocket bike are often like an ordinary motorcycle.

Pocket bike vs. Super pocket bike

Who can ride a super pocket bike?

While the pocket bike is rated for 13+ riders, a super pocket bike is big enough to be operated by an adult rider. An adult person can easily position himself on this bike and doesn’t need to bend his knee. So adult people are often seen riding a super pocket bike. But the super pocket bike is often incompatible with young kids because of its height and weight.

If you are here to decide what to buy, you should consider the ability of the rider. You should go with the one that fits your requirement.

Street legality

A super pocket bike is not that illegal to operate on road like an ordinary pocket bike. Because the street bike often has a horn, speedometer, indicator, backlight, and rearview. Some super pocket bike doesn’t have all those features. This is why street authority always requires those features and components present in your bike if you want a license for it. A super pocket bike is large enough to include these legal features in it. Since it’s not an off-road bike it can accommodate the legal features safely with no risk of damage.

If you made your own super pocket bike, you should include the legal components to feel safe about getting your new bike license. Vehicle authority also requires you to get your self-made bike categorized by a motor vehicle authority.

Super pocket bike’s development over the pocket bike

A super pocket bike contains at least an 80 cc engine. Since its chassis and other components are higher in weight and size, it requires more energy to move. A super pocket bike has a fuel tank that can contain double to a pocket bike. The X-19 CR super pocket bike has a maximum power of 15.7 hp at its 4-stroke 110 cc engine while a pocket bike offers as much as 7 hp.

A pocket bike can’t go above 25 mph while x-19 CR can go as much as 70+ mph. So this is not a speed of a minor rider. He has to be strong enough to stand still with his bike.

Engine starter

A pocket bike always comes with a pull starter. It hardly comes with an electric starter. Since it is small in size, it’s hard to accommodate an electric starter motor. On top of that pocket bikes always come with a budget and cost concern. A super pocket bike has both a kick start and an electric starter. This makes the riding experience better than ever.

A pocket bike often doesn’t have a clutch. If the same happens in a super pocket bike the electric starter helps to start the bike again.


A chain drive is the only option for a pocket bike that doesn’t scale up the speed. The control is also less in chain drive transmission. A super pocket bike comes with 4-speed manual transmission with a clutch. You can also find an automatic transmission in a super pocket bike. So a full features motorcycle experience can be enjoyed in the super pocket bike.


Suspension is very important for motorbike riding. The road friction often causes discomfort to the health of the rider. The suspension absorbs the shock of friction and doesn’t let it transmit to the rider’s physique.  A pocket bike never comes with a suspension system. It depends only on the tire to absorb the shock. Alternatively, a super pocket bike comes with a fairly good quality suspension.

A longer spring and steel fork is used in the front and back wheel to make a good balance while adjusting friction.  However, this feature adds a good amount of cost to the overall price of the bike. A pocket bike can’t include that to be budget-friendly

Overall outfit: Pocket vs. super pocket bike

A super pocket looks more serious a vehicle than a pocket bike. If you go out on road with your super pocket bike, people won’t easily understand that it’s a super pocket bike. They will think that you are using a very small motorcycle because it looks similar to a smart small motorbike.

The super bike looks like an amateur motorcycle for riding and journey. Its fender is often very small and the back sit has a huge difference from the wheel. Here is pocket bike different in a positive manner. Pocket bike often comes with a complete look of sports bike often including the provision of dummy rider number. So those who are fashion lovers and young are good to go with a pocket bike.

Why is a pocket bike more common than a super pocket bike?

A super pocket bike can be operated only by adult riders as it’s large in size. But a pocket bike is often seen to be run by adult riders. So if you buy a pocket bike for your teen son, both of you and he can ride this individually. Cost efficiency is also the important point behind the pocket bike’s being famous. So increasing the budget will not work in terms of sales. Because if someone has to spend much money for more features he can buy a serious road adventure or a long journey bike.

The purchase of a pocket bike often becomes compulsory. You know you can sacrifice your hobby, but you can’t do so to you little queen girls.

Although having many features, a super pocket bike sometimes costs too high that riders lose attraction to it. So they often seem to go back to the pocket bike.

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